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Different roads sometimes lead to the same castle


I haven’t done a Busey gif in a long time, so here’s one I call “Thumbs Down Around the Town.”




Things have been getting better, I’m getting into the swing of things with my internship now, I’m happier now that I’m not fighting the corporate system for hours all the time.  Actually, I would like less hours, wtf is with the 33 hours after I change my availability? Thanks Walmart. I’m working steadily on our Mario/Princess Peach couple cosplay, and so far it’s going well! I have the crown cut out, the gems painted, the dress cut out, bought the mario hat and some white gloves, bought a parasol, painted a white pair of high heels annnnnnd got the wig in. Ooooh I am so nervous to start the wig. I’m thinking I’ll have to shape it out of some wire, then paper mache it for a solid figure before adding the wefts to it. ugh. I hope this works. I started on my ACen eating healthy diet. Vegetables and dip haha! And yogurt. Woot. I hope Jon has fun, I’m really excited. Things have been getting less stressful all around, I think the weather being nicer is helping as well. I must finish those peach earrings when I get home, and the crown, too bad I only have an hour between internship sneesh and walmart. T___T But tomorrow is another day! Be tomorrow faster! 

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when you eat a stale dorito




father why

everyoen on this fukcing drugs is on website 


Birdo makes breakfast.


My child hood


I just really love this set of photos. It speaks to me.



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