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Different roads sometimes lead to the same castle

I think I’ve found him.

My one and only.

I hit me like a ton of bricks last night.

I never want anyone else but him.

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"I’m not upset that you lied to me, I’m upset that from now on I can’t believe you."

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I miss going to anime conventions. More so, I miss how they used to be. I can’t quite place my finger on it, but something about it is just a little less magical. I still love to cosplay, and sew, and try and make new crazy props, but its not as exciting anymore to go. Maybe I’m getting older, and the crowd keeps getting younger but I have a hard time concluding that’s the only reason. I feel like the convention scene is becoming more critical and competitive, and people are more cliquey and somewhat obnoxious. Idk, I miss the old days.

So apparently Jon emailed Family Video and complained about how crummy the manager was to me. Basically what’s been going on was my PS3 pooped out on me as we started the movie Walk of Shame. Sooo we didn’t even get to watch it =,= Of course that also meant the DVD was stuck in the Ps3. Once I was able to compose myself from my little episode of sadness, I called Family video and talked to the girl that we had just rented the movie from. She was very understanding and extended the rental for us and told us to call back and let us know if we are able to get the dvd out. Well, I ended up calling back saying I had to send my PS3 in to Sony for repairs and again, the employee was really nice and understanding and extended the rental for another week. This has been going on for about 2 weeks now, and I think that my PS3 SHOULD be coming home soon. Regardless, the last time I called on Saturday, the girl I talked to wasn’t so understanding and ended up giving me to the Manager. The manager was not quite as understanding, saying if she had talked to me when this first happened she would have just had me purchase the movie to begin with since this is costing her store $40 in renewals already. She renewed it for me for the next 10 days but after that said I would have to pay. So that kinda sucked.
Well, Jon wrote the email and didn’t tell me until the following day. I got a call today about an hour ago, from someone from Family Video in GB saying they had gotten an email from my boyfriend saying the service was less than satisfactory and he was very sorry for how I was treated. I explained to him what happened and he said that was not how she should have handled it, it’s bad enough that my PS3 broke and he wanted to work with me on making the process easier. And to apologize he credited $10 to my account. Wow. I still can’t believe how awesome that was. I have a new respect for family video now, and Jon just won a ton of awesome boyfriend points =D




have you ever met someone who is like the human version of period cramps


I think this is the first time something has conveyed to me with true clarity just how bad period cramps are.

This couldn’t be more accurate


the smits grubunu bende dinlerim :)






by Ali Segel

"Tell us a joke Jester!"

All day.
Poor Jon.

Me and my randomness.
Welcome to my little corner of the internet ^o^

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